Say No To Ageism is an ongoing photo project that focuses on people that go against the rules we've been taught about what it means to age.

"Popping wheelies with Stylactivism" essay by Melanie Kobayashi published in Montecristo magazine. 

"I wonder how different my life would be had I conformed to popular beauty standards all along, worn my hair long, had manicures and Botox, dressed in chic dresses with hosiery and high heels and gobs of makeup. I remember clearly how several women in my past counselled that I could “catch any man I like” if I would tow the line. Now I ask myself, what might have happened? What is yet to come?"

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Raymond (75) is a masterful open ocean swimmer who speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese. He also plays multiple instruments and especially enjoys playing the mouth harmonica. Images published in Hunger Magazine. 

Lola lived to be a 105 years old and will be remembered as a powerful woman that was loved dearly by her family. She worked as a teacher in the Philippines before she immigrated to Vancouver in the 80's. 


Kazuya runs 808 Bar in the heart of Shimokitazawa in Tokyo, Japan. He's known for his love of cactuses, mojitos and tiki paraphernalia from America. 

Gillean McLeod in her house in LA.

A top stylist who divides her time between commercial and editorial clients, Gillean McLeod is known for unique flair, creative image-making and working closely with clients to manifest the sartorial aspects of their projects. Whether it is for a film, music video, print commercial or fashion magazine layout, Gillean brings her experienced eye, encyclopedic knowledge of style, and wealth of resources to create memorable visuals.

Judy is a soft spoken southerner but lives out loud creatively. Building assemblages from found objects, creating food from scratch and up cycling outfits discovered in thrift shops makes her a home made fancified goddess. 

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