In October 2018 I jumped on tour with the band Dream Wife to photograph their journey down the West Coast.

"The London-based rock band Dream Wife didn’t mean to be taken seriously when they formed. In 2014, guitarist Alice Go, bassist Bella Podpadec, and Iceland-born vocalist Rakel Mjöll started the group as an art project while studying at Brighton University; it was only later that what began with a This Is Spinal Tap-esque documentary evolved into an outlet for, in Podpadec’s words, “meditating on dreaming big and being a woman.” Despite that backstory, the subjects Dream Wife tackle on their self-titled debut—leering catcalls, ageist stereotypes, and what it means to be in control of your identity—are anything but jokes. At its best, Dream Wife is a prime example of what happens when you grow up on Bikini Kill and the Slits. A rebellious fire lights in your stomach, and you try to bite off more misogyny than you can chew just to prove that your teeth are sharp."

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