"Reykjavik Youth" is a photo series of Icelandic teenagers.

"Reykjavik Youth capture the parties, lazy afternoons, wild moments and experiences of solitude we can all remember from our teenage years. Ultimately, Katrin has encapsulated the poignantly sweet and vulnerable experience of blooming youth—so let yourself get nostalgic and sink into Katrin’s portrait of the teenage experience."

Inside Evan Ducharme's studio featuring Willow Riley.

"Evan Ducharme was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; and raised in the lakeside Metis community of St. Ambroise. Many of his inspirations and philosophy in design derive from its naturally diverse surroundings and Metis ancestry."

A night at Nimmo Bay for Montecristo magazine with Filson 1897. Photos and article by Katrin Braga.

"I was lucky enough to sit in the front seat of our floatplane, where I got to talk to the pilot about the surrounding area; he also taught me how to be an excellent amateur pilot assistant. Upon landing, we were greeted by the resort’s owners and their friendly dogs. After we settled in at the beautifully rustic cabins, we went out into the forest to meet up with Filson creative director Alex Carleton and Nikki van Schyndel, the author of Becoming Wild. We learned how to survive off the land and listened to van Schyndel’s unbelievable stories of thriving in the B.C. wilderness. She spent 18 months living off the land.

In the late afternoon, we took a helicopter tour around the Nimmo Bay area and went all the way up to a nearby glacier. We followed dolphins, flew around the cabins, and went up the surrounding mountains. Then we settled in at the cozy resort restaurant and enjoyed a crab dinner—and wine, lots of wine. Following the feast, we were greeted by First Nations dancer/composer/jeweller K’odi Henry Frank Nelson for a fireside chat and cultural presentation. After hours of eating and sharing stories, a few of us went into the hot tub near an ice-cold waterfall, and then bravely (or perhaps foolishly) decided to jump into the freezing water. I can admit that we didn’t last long in there.

The next morning, we had to say goodbye to the beautiful Nimmo Bay, wishing we could stay longer and hoping to visit again soon.

Life, Guns and Alligators in Florida.

“I went to The Everglades to visit family and explore nature. During that trip, I really wanted to get to know the locals and experience their way of living in the swamp. I got to know the harsh reality of living there: I saw the poverty and the drug abuse that a lot of people suffer from. Yet even though there is a lot of sadness in that region, the people there welcome you with open arms and have hearts of gold.”

American roadtrip, January 2017 and January 2018.

"These days, when many of us think of America, we feel anxiety. Anger. Worry. Sadness. The dramatic changes in American politics are causing a dark shift that’s felt globally—a brewing storm that’s only amplified by endless news coverage of Trump and his cronies’ blunt decisions. That current political climate is why Katrin Braga's latest photo series is so bittersweet: the Icelandic photographer, now based in Vancouver, depicts the calm, breathtaking and sublime natural beauty of the American landscape. Free of people and turbulence, her photos capture the oceans, caves and roads that have been there for many years, and will still stand as timeless emblems of freedom and beauty despite whatever happens in the country."

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